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Mark Bryers

Youths in Trouble



Thrive Global

Mark Bryers has a passion for helping disadvantaged youths. A steadfast philanthropist, he became aware of charitable organizations who deal with the problem of youth dislocation at a direct level. The main organization which he supports is called the Youth In Search Charitable Trust. His main focus is to make financial contributions related directly to his financial investments where companies, and their senior employees, can become more actively involved over and above monetary contributions.

The reason he is interested in this specific organization is profound. Through their programs, Youth in Search has been able to create an opportunity to support a cyclical learning structure. Young people who have been severely impacted by their immediate living environment can successfully undergo the program and then turn around and become the mentors for their peers as well as youth from 10 years of age upwards. Having youths teach other youths is invaluable as a resource and it benefits both sides.

There are many reasons Mark Bryers sees this cause as worthwhile. Today’s youths are tomorrow’s future, and you only have to look at this organization’s novel approach to see how young lives can so easily be transformed. In today’s world, with the disruptive influence of social media, it has become an increasingly difficult environment for young people and they need all the assistance they can get.

His favorite part about helping the youth of today is seeing how powerful the effect of mentoring can be. Seeing the change that takes place in affected youth after being taught by the empathetic youth of a similar age is priceless. Hearing from other estranged youths who can speak from their own experiences and talk about ways that they changed their lives for a better outcome is everything to a kid in trouble.

Mark Bryers strongly believes that unless we find pathways through better mentoring, and seriously curtail the negative influences which are directly impacting the mental health of our youth, we are going to continue creating a society which is becoming increasingly fragmented and disillusioned.

Fortunately, the future of charitable organizations for disadvantaged youth looks promising. Mark Bryers sees the direct involvement and support by financial structures to be the best way forward. The reason is that direct involvement makes the transformations more meaningful and longer lasting. Simply giving money anonymously to charities seems sterile and makes you wonder where the money actually goes. We need to be more active in our solutions.