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Happy and successful people often share a similar characteristic. If someone were to ask any of them what was the most influential aspect of their life that led them to find success, they would likely state that it was their mentor or some other type of elder. A mentor could be anyone, it could be an older sibling, uncle, parent, aunt, grandparent, church pastor, or friend. Regardless of who the mentor is, the role can be hugely instrumental in leading a young person to success, as young people often lack the wisdom and life experience necessary to lead themselves to standalone success.



Numerous studies have been conducted on the benefits of mentoring. Research has shown a measurable increase in the self-confidence level of young people that have a mentor. It is thought that the security and safety associated with having a mentor lead individuals to harness a much more solid sense of confidence.



Life is filled with pitfalls and struggles. A mentor is usually someone that has been through these trials and tribulations before. Equipped with the wisdom of life, a mentor can help a young person cope with life problems or avoid the problems altogether simply by having regular conversations.



Young people often lack having the proper person to vent their frustrations to. Accumulating these frustrations can often lead to depression, anxiety, and anti-social behavioral tendencies. By having a mentor to confide in about life problems a young person can vent and get feedback on their everyday life struggles.


Skill Improvement

Another great benefit to having a mentor is that they can impart any specialized skills that they have on a young person. This could be a skill such as computer coding, welding, glass blowing, business negotiating, or any other life tool that can enrich a young person’s life.


Changed Perspective

Young people and adults share the same problem of getting locked into a negative or unproductive perspective. Having a mentor can often lead a person towards developing a more positive or optimistic perspective on any range of subjects, or on life itself. A fresh perspective on things can brighten a person’s life.


Take the step as a mentor to help change someone’s life. If you are a youth and need some guidance, seek out a mentor. There are many programs that can match youth with mentors. These bonds can last a lifetime and positively affect both parties involved.