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Other than parents, there are many individuals who could take an active role in preventing youth from partaking in problematic behaviour. Among such persons are teachers, who may be able to keep their students out of trouble by employing practices that include:

Avoid Preconceived Notions

Teachers often develop the ability to detect which students will act properly, as well as those that might possess certain behavioural problems. Moreover, each year, an instructor will be warned or know of the reputation of one or more students on their class list.

Educational experts and behavioural specialists recommend avoiding any preconceived notions. Established attitudes about one student or the other could lead to immediate distrust or confrontation that could lead to more significant issues in the future.

Limit The Students Exposure To Stress

While completely eliminating the rigours of lessons and assignments cannot be avoided, limiting student exposure to stress could go a long way in preventing such youths from partaking in bothersome or potentially detrimental activities. This task might be accomplished by performing acts such as not giving strenuous homework assignments, rewarding students for good behaviour, do not nitpick matters like handwriting or speaking too softly and enable students to make mistakes like forgetting or occasionally being disorganized.

Never Embarrass A Student

Anyone can understand a teacher’s desire to nip the ill behaviour of a student in the bud quickly. That said, addressing or executing discipline for potentially detrimental actions should be performed while refraining from bringing embarrassment to the child in question. Singling out a misbehaving child or publically questioning their behaviour could result in animosity that precipitates more troubling activities as the school year progresses. Educational and behavioural experts recommend carrying out any disciplinary actions in as private a setting or method possible.

Remain Calm

One rule of thumb many experts stress is to always maintain an even keel. While poor behaviour by a student is frustrating and distracting, a good teacher will not allow such activity to fluster them to the point such individuals lose their cool. If problematic students notice that they can “ruffle their teacher’s feather” to that great an extent, such youths will be that much more difficult to get under control.