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When children are busy in an after-school program, they are less likely to be at risk of getting into trouble. Involving your youth in an extracurricular would be an enjoyable way to fill your child’s schedule. Extracurriculars benefits students positively in many aspects of their lives. It may involve joining a sports team, an after-school club, or the arts.

Teaches Them Values

Many children are involved in extracurricular activities. Working as a team or on a project together can help students learn the value of teamwork. It can show the youth of today a sense of camaraderie and give them the feeling of a community. It also teaches students about responsibility. It might be that you have to practice or bring a project to the next meeting but it holds students responsible for their tasks. Extracurricular activities have been proven to improve the number of students attending school and students being more successful in their academics.

Health Benefit

After a long day at school, you would think that going home and relaxing would relieve a student’s stress. Extracurriculars can provide a healthier alternative than sitting on the couch and watching television. It acts as a stress reliever and helps students manage their stress from the school day. Depending on the extracurricular chosen, it can help students maintain healthy body weight. Having them involved in these after-school events can lead to healthier choices such as avoiding drug use as well.


Getting involved in after-school events can help socialize students more than the forced interactions that happen within the school day. Instead of children going home to watch tv, play video games, or be on their phones, they have the opportunity to interact with peers that share similar interests.

Future Planning

While you and your child think about their future, universities as the next steps start to pop into your mind. Students can add their extracurriculars on their resumes for college admissions. It shows colleges and universities that the child can manage their time and commitments and have been learning an extra skill outside of the classroom.

Extracurriculars are not only a good way to occupy your child’s free time, but it also gives them the ability to learn new things, find their passions, and prepare for their future. Start talking to your child about what they might want to get involved with at school and watch them grow!